NEW from Losing Ground: Finding the Past in Holes

The third blog post from Andrei Belibou’s series of posts on holes. In this post Andrei ends on the ever so hopeful note:

“sometimes we get lucky to find treasures of many kinds when what we walk on is forced to give way.”

Of course ever since we started working on the project, I have developed the tendency to spot holes every where; after a while one comes to feel (rather than read, or know, or assume) how unsettling being with holes can get..

I spotted holes in mass graves, in Kusama’s polka dots, in the roots of the very blossomy spring trees on Campus. Holes bring light (windows), and darkness (the abyss), memories and escapes..

Andrei’s post speaks about all the conflicting pasts we find underneath our cities.


Source: Finding the Past in Holes