Cairo Tower and King Kong: Utopia, Nostalgia and Cairo’s archives of pictures

Just came came across the Sunduq El-Dunia interactive website, and fell in love with it.  Partly because what I feel as an archive-anxiety about the history and memory of the city; which is developing in a lot of uncomfortable ways into projects of branding, gentrifying and fetishising the city;  at the same time as access […]

1951 footage of a silent demonstration against the British occupation

Silent demonstration in Alexandria against British occupation of Suez (1951). At a 2:28 however it looks like it might be from Cairo as well. I stumbled on it vis a comment on a Facebook status about the Tahir Mogama’ building, currently being evacuated with plans to turn it into a hotel (unsurprisingly). The comment suggested […]

1970s Cairo Calligraphy

One of the many contradictory things happening around downtown Cairo; a while ago there was an exhibition for type fonts of downtown, inspired by old shop signs.. I have chosen one that temporalises it also as a font of the 1970s and 1980s to show here. Its story is featured on bored panda and all details […]

Profile: Magda Saleh and a documentary on the History of Ballet

  According to Al Ahram’s Arts and Culture page, A documentary on Egypt’s History of Ballet, and Magda Saleh  the most  famous Ballerina of Egypt is on it’s way. AlAharam has followed this announcement with a really good profile and interview with Magda Saleh. Beyond interest in the Ballet and theatre scene, I think the documentary […]

Out in the Street: The materiality of ruination

  Today I saw the hyper documentary film “Out in the Street”, which is showing in Zawia for only one week starting the the 13th of January. The Movie is a result of an acting workshop in which the ex-worker of a privatized-sold and now demolished factory participate, narrate and perform their  encounters with management, […]

[Updated] On Townhouse gallery and dust as a condition of the city

This Friday I was in a family occasion. One of my distant relatives is married to a ex-student of mine. For the lack of any common interest between me and my relatives, these family occasions are usually silent moments for me where I get to catch up on my e-mails and respond politely to satisfy […]