Why was Cairo so Calm?

The BBC documentary produced in 1982, asks why was Cairo so calm when Sadat was assassinated- a juncture I centre in my thesis. The documentary seems to be doing a more nuanced job than the famous American political science textbook that asks the same question. I am currently considering replacing the obligatory reference to Baker’s […]

Stories in Bullet Holes

Originally posted on Losing Ground:
A Google search for ‘bullet holes’ returns a majority of results of stock photos, free images, and decals. They are weird apparitions, bullet holes in nothing: just black circles, with drawings of stripped paint around them, on monochrome (mostly white) backgrounds. Holes are lacks, dug or made in substances, yet…

Reading as selfhood

Related to my last post, today I stumbled upon this from Jadaliyya. Zachary Sheldon writes about working intimately with Janet Abu-Lughod’s library. I can’t think of any experience more charged than to be enmeshed in someone’s library. A person collects herself in paper, and leaves this fragments of her soul behind, and then we conjure […]

Egypt’s 2016 in pictures- Shawkan’s Photography competition

This year Shawkan’s Photography competition included photojournalism and daily life pictures. MadaMasr published the short listed here , and they are really worth the browse. And the winners are announced on the competition’s Facebook page. Shawkan is a photojournalist who has been in prison since 2013, the competition aims to draw attention to his case. The […]