On the cities that forgive our failures..

“Could you take a picture of me?” I stole some hours in Beirut. 55 minutes to be precise. Enough to run away from conference hotel, sense my way the see, and experiment with eye contact with fellow strollers on the Corniche, and schedule 10 minutes exactly to decide if this strip of asphalt overlooking the […]


Of course the Arab World  has been constantly changing, constantly losing, literally shuffled- its humans, its space, its time- and also enduring  in a Stoler(ian) sense. Remaining remains both haunt and inspire it. Body remains has been on its news headlines since before 2003. Archeological remains towed in settler colonialism, as well as enduring fascination. Scars […]

Egypt’s 2016 in pictures- Shawkan’s Photography competition

This year Shawkan’s Photography competition included photojournalism and daily life pictures. MadaMasr published the short listed here , and they are really worth the browse. And the winners are announced on the competition’s Facebook page. Shawkan is a photojournalist who has been in prison since 2013, the competition aims to draw attention to his case. The […]