Reading as selfhood

Related to my last post, today I stumbled upon this from Jadaliyya. Zachary Sheldon writes about working intimately with Janet Abu-Lughod’s library. I can’t think of any experience more charged than to be enmeshed in someone’s library. A person collects herself in paper, and leaves this fragments of her soul behind, and then we conjure […]

2017 tidings- The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone, Olivia Laing (2016)

I hope this book is as gratifying as these posts seem to suggest. Brainpickings have linked it to Arendt‘s loneliness and totalitarianism and Virginia Wolf’s loneliness and creativity . One of the most popular BCC culture’s posts was an extract by Laing on Edward Hopper. A book might be recommended by its hyperlinks- who knows. […]

Cairo Tower and King Kong: Utopia, Nostalgia and Cairo’s archives of pictures

Just came came across the Sunduq El-Dunia interactive website, and fell in love with it.  Partly because what I feel as an archive-anxiety about the history and memory of the city; which is developing in a lot of uncomfortable ways into projects of branding, gentrifying and fetishising the city;  at the same time as access […]