1952-1962 Ten Years of Broadcasting in Egypt

On Paper


On 23rd July 1962, the 10th anniversary of the 1952 revolution, the Egyptian State Broadcaster published a history of the Radio and Television under Nasser. It is an official publication and one that unquestionably presents an idealised (/propagandised) version of period. Because of this, it is a fascinating document of what the aims on Nasserist radio were and what image they wanted to present of themselves.

Radio seems to take precedence over Television and the first 255 pages of a 360 page book are dedicated to Radio, starting with a description of its role in the Liberation Movement. The speed which it could communicate, they said, meant that it was extremely important in times of crisis.


The book then goes on to talk about what the Radio, under Nasser, went on to do. Most interestingly for me, there is a focus on the internationalism of the Radio. They were keen…

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