Mother of the Megacities. Broadcast on BBC in 1993.Synopsis: The… — Cairobserver

Mother of the Megacities. Broadcast on BBC in 1993.Synopsis: The problems facing the world’s largest cities are often seen as hopeless, yet in Cairo there is no homelessness, the crime rate is low and development continues within traditional cultural boundaries. Asks if other cities could learn from Cairo’s success, as more that half the world’s population… […]

Holes to Hide in and to Hide From

Originally posted on Losing Ground:
Holes are to be found everywhere around us, yet they might be most prominent at the instances when they appear. While we continuously make holes through our mundane activities, their coming into being has a traumatic character when it is associated with the destructive violence of war. Holes seem to…

Exhibition: A Handful of Dust 7/6 to 3/9

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust” T.S. Eliot A friend sent me this Guardian article, where Sean O’Hagan  reviews the Whitechapel Gallery exhibition A Handful of Dust.  The Exhibition is meant to be a “speculative history of the 20th century, tracing a visual journey through the imagery of dust from aerial reconnaissance, […]