Potholes in Art

The first blog post by Andrei Belibou, on our project on holes. Andrei surveys several art projects that encounter potholes and react creatively to the minor urban disruptions they enact in an urban ambition of smoothness and seamlessness.

Losing Ground

Made by constant use and wear of roads. They break the flow of the road. They disrupt its transitional character create a local perturbation. Whereas most of us see ugly, hazardous hollows in the smoothness of the asphalt, some have seen potholes as possibilities. Davide Luciano, for instance, an NYC photographer, has created a series of photographs in which he plays with water and other substances, filling the potholes and creating familiar scenarios in the unfamiliar setting of the road. Jim Bachor fills the potholes, a contemporary problem, with the ancient, creating mosaics of food items, flowers, or messages in the streets of Chicago and in other parts of the world. Steve Wheen uses potholes in footpaths to interrupt the ‘greyness of London’ through creating little gardens within them, in what he calls acts of ‘guerrilla gardening’.

Steve Wheen A miniature recreation of an entry for the Chelsea Fringe gardening festival…

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