Potholes in Art

Originally posted on Losing Ground:
Made by constant use and wear of roads. They break the flow of the road. They disrupt its transitional character create a local perturbation. Whereas most of us see ugly, hazardous hollows in the smoothness of the asphalt, some have seen potholes as possibilities. Davide Luciano, for instance, an NYC…

Reading as selfhood

Related to my last post, today I stumbled upon this from Jadaliyya. Zachary Sheldon writes about working intimately with Janet Abu-Lughod’s library. I can’t think of any experience more charged than to be enmeshed in someone’s library. A person collects herself in paper, and leaves this fragments of her soul behind, and then we conjure […]

Cfp: on Violence and the City in Durham Uni.

Just came to know about this interesting call for a workshop. With an emphasis on everyday experiences, and knowledge, learning and violence, it already seems quite exciting. “Violence and (In-)security in the City: Cities of Violence – Violence of Cities International Workshop at Durham University, UK, 22-23 June 2017″ Further information: https://www.dur.ac.uk/dgsi/insecurity/  

On the cities that forgive our failures..

“Could you take a picture of me?” I stole some hours in Beirut. 55 minutes to be precise. Enough to run away from conference hotel, sense my way the see, and experiment with eye contact with fellow strollers on the Corniche, and schedule 10 minutes exactly to decide if this strip of asphalt overlooking the […]