Of course the Arab World  has been constantly changing, constantly losing, literally shuffled- its humans, its space, its time- and also enduring  in a Stoler(ian) sense.

Remaining remains both haunt and inspire it.

Body remains has been on its news headlines since before 2003.

Archeological remains towed in settler colonialism, as well as enduring fascination.

Scars remain and do not heal, and then become ornamental jewellery that won’t be let go of. Its remains are both of pride and shame, dignity and guilt, spectres and hopes. Its past weighs even as it is blown away on the recent youtube video. It chases a collections of pasts and then closes them off in a rich institute. It collects its pebbles, dusts, and then sprinkles them in a golden a storm on CNN.

I am obviously a little bit obsessed with loss, loss of space, and searching for ways in which it can be productive in generating meanings of the world. So somehow this call nested in a convenient web sensibilities.

Shared from the Arab Council for Social Science