The Gap in the Map



It was late November of 1948 when the ceasefire lines between Israel and Jordan were drawn. Two military commanders, Moshe Dayan and Abdullah al-Tal had a map on their hands to delineate the line with two markers: one green, the other red. The lines that emerged from the markers were wide enough to make it 4-5 metres wide in real space, according to the map scale, 1:20,000.

The ‘Lawless Line’ is a concept coined by the research group Decolonizing Architecture to refer to a new territory, the one contained by the width of the lines that have been drawn as separation lines or border lines. The thickness of the line defines a zone undefined by law, as no one can claim ownership over an undefined territory. Partitions always have side effects. Every time a line is drawn, it creates spatial and legal voids of different kinds. Sometimes, the line separates…

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