Of course the Arab World  has been constantly changing, constantly losing, literally shuffled- its humans, its space, its time- and also enduring  in a Stoler(ian) sense. Remaining remains both haunt and inspire it. Body remains has been on its news headlines since before 2003. Archeological remains towed in settler colonialism, as well as enduring fascination. Scars […]

Losing Ground: Workshop Submissions

For a while now I have been assisting Marijn Nieuwenhuis  (blog) in organizing the upcoming event ‘Losing Ground: On holes and other absences’.  Below is the call for application with the new date for submissions. Also further information can be found  here. It is quite exciting because besides holes, or rather through holes, one might be […]

Incoming, upcoming

“Heat Maps attempts to foreground the biopolitical aspects of the refugee and migration situation that is facing Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The project charts refugee camps and other staging sites using an extreme telephoto military grade thermographic camera that was designed to detect and identify subjects from as far away as fifty […]

The Gap in the Map

Originally posted on dpr-barcelona:
It was late November of 1948 when the ceasefire lines between Israel and Jordan were drawn. Two military commanders, Moshe Dayan and Abdullah al-Tal had a map on their hands to delineate the line with two markers: one green, the other red. The lines that emerged from the markers were wide…