A sequence on fire, bicycles, balloons..

I have been weaving images of forsaking homes recently..or at least bidding them adieu. These three scenes might be my favourite in a complex collection of emotional explosions that come with consuming home.

I don’t intend to spoil it for those who have not seen it, or to push people to go to see it if they hadn’t planned to. It being Jorodowsky’s Endless Poetry. Rather there are two sequences I loved, and would like to selfishly pin here and instrumentalise later…

There is a lot of fire going on in the movie..I really can’t remember if there was fire in first movie, may be I wasn’t looking for it.  At some point a young(ish) Alejandro (played by Adan Jorodowsky who has been blessed by a face that simaltaneously half-smiles in innocence and half-smirks in disdain) stands infront of a burnt house and starts dancing, before entering, walks through the house, flips the pedals of a bicycle, says goodbye childhood..and comes out and flies a bunch of red balloons in the air.  Only the red balloons bit features in the trailer, but I was so exhilarated with the sequences that preceded it instead.

I have to say I am watching this  with “in the last days of the city” in mind; which is still haunting me. Specifically; the scenes with torn photographs fluttering in the air. In that movie however; fire appears only in a scene with a fire truck- if my memory does not fail me, a movie true to its city drenched in sepia, with dust and rubble instead of fire, a perpetual day-after-the-fire.

The other sequence is another emptying of a studio, with André and Luz saying goodbye, slowly,silently, with puppets ( as all goodbyes should be I think, but that is a thought for another blog to host.)