“Brutalism Redux” – a review, free online article, and event at the Science Museum


Following the publication of Oli Mould’s paper “Brutalism Redux: Relational Monumentality and the Urban Politics of Brutalist Architecture” at the end of last year (freely available here), and his review of Jessie Brennan’s Regeneration! Conversations, Drawings, Archives & Photographs from Robin Hood Gardens at the start of this year, we’d like draw attention to an event Oli is organising at the Science Museum…

“Brutalism Redux”

 – from 4pm on Friday 27th January in the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London 

The recent nostalgic revisiting of Brutalism as architectural form has been a welcome revival of a much loved architectural form. But many of these narratives are devoid of Brutalism’s powerful aesthetic and political critical concept.

Brutalist buildings are being demolished and new, late-capitalistic and homogenous (often glass and composite-clad) towers erected in their place. Some heritage institutions are resisting this and campaigning to get many brutalist buildings listed in…

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