Projects we love #2

I wrote earlier about Aliaa’s project that I love. She has teamed up with Nermin and wrote a piece for Jadaliyya on Mapping counter History. I have also thought of using her piece on Mada Masr on stories of resistance in PortSaid here, to use as a potential teaching tool in classes where I wish […]

I have recently found this goldmine! David Rumsey Map Collection! An amazing collection of high resolution maps to download. Check it out! The historical map collection has over 67,000 maps and images online. The collection includes rare 16th through 21st century maps of America, North America, South America, Europe,Asia,Africa, Pacific and the World. via A New […]

This map (Fig.1) shows a section of modern Cairo in 1946, developed from the 1860s onwards to the west of the historic city (founded 969 C.E.). The map focuses on the downtown area or roughly what came to be called Wist al-Balad—the middle-of-the-city (country?)—curiously bounded in pink on three sides. Intense curiosity about the boundary… via […]

Phantom limb hi-stories

For a while now I have been thinking – sometimes in discussion with friends- of stories our discipline tells us, how different they get to become even if they have been modelled and moulded together. I have been educated in some sort of western inspired academic institutions. I never had an Azhariet education , for example. […]