Everyday Alexandria – Call for Abstracts – Appel à propositions – دعوة لتقديم أوراق

An exciting project, deadline is January the 1st.

Satori in Alexandria


النسخة العربية متاحة أسفل

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Call for papers – Egypte Monde Arabe (CEDEJ)

Everyday Alexandria

Social Sciences and Egypt’s 2nd Capital


Edited by Youssef El Chazli (UNIL/Paris 1/CEDEJ)

We have very little empirical data on contemporary Alexandria. In 2007, in an introduction to an edited volume on Egypt’s provincial cities (Denis, 2006), French geographer Eric Denis noted that “Egyptian provincial cities did not exist.” If, for him, Alexandria might’ve constituted an exception, he also remarked that if the city existed in the literature, it did as an “antique and cosmopolitan Mediterranean myth; rarely as the metropolis of 3 million inhabitants with its uncertain future, that it is above all.” Almost 10 years later, this remark seems to be still valid. It is striking to see that still today, except an old article from the same author (Denis, 1997), there are few empirically…

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