Fake Anniversaries

Yesterday, or may be the day before, wordpress told me that it has been year since I started this blog. It is most probably correct, since I started it as I started my field work. I wanted -then-to write a proper serious academic persona into existence. I don’t think that a year later  that person […]

Anger, academia, and shame

I am so angry. I just spent a whole -very productive day- angry, angry as hell. A- A week ago news came out about a key figure in Middle East studies being investigated for harassment. Besides a friend of mine who-it turned out- has experienced his abhorrent behaviour, no one cared to share the news. […]

Dust Gathering- exhibition at MOMA

  “As part of a two-year collaboration through Artists Experiment, artist Nina Katchadourian presents Dust Gathering, an audio tour offering visitors an unexpected perspective on The Museum of Modern Art by examining its dust. Dust consists of material from both inside and outside, from Earth and the cosmos, from places very high and very low—and at […]

Fascism as Love

Originally posted on feministkilljoys:
Today is one of those days when I am lost for words; well almost. White supremacy: in the white house. Racism: no longer in hiding or in the background, or veiled by politeness, but out and about, right in front of us; given legitimacy, given more places to go. Many years ago…

Mecca: Portraits of the City in Two Recent Books

Originally posted on ArabLit:
This review first appeared on Bookwitty: Two recent books—Raja Alem’s award-winning The Dove’s Necklace (2016) andZiauddin Sardar’s acclaimed Mecca: The Sacred City (2014)—offer portraits of a city that’s been glimpsed by many, but imagined by many more. Both books tell of Mecca, yet they stand as near-opposites: one densely intimate and the…