Happening in Cairo: Modern Egypt project launch

I haven’t been able to follow closely the work Elshahed has been doing in curating this exhibition. I guess this is part of the inevitable distance(ing?) of just not being there even though being there is mediated by the same social media pages..

But anyways, Elshahed has been curating a project on the material culture of modern Egypt, which is bound to be interesting. I am still trying to come to terms with with the very profound shakes in our relationship with the historicity of Cairene urban modernity.  While we were busy thinking of the future, the past seeped in all the nooks and folds we were carving with our bodies. Now having a future and present stalled we live along the corpses of the near past.

I sometimes refer to it as an anxiety, but now I am not so sure. And I am avoiding the image of Benjamin taking away his life, even as he – and his arcades- look over my shoulder as I watch in awe, admiration, excitement, and little bit of puzzelment all the efforts invested in curating the material culture of the Egyptian everyday.

Anyway, a not to be missed event, details of which can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/ModEgyProject/