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The figure of the bogus asylum seeker is familiar. It is familiar because that figure is regularly exercised.  The suspicion toward those seeking asylum has become a form of national citizenship. You demonstrate allegiance to the nation by the very act of being suspicious toward those seeking asylum: that they are…

All lines are crooked

They say God writes straight on crooked lines, but I suspect that these are exactly the lines He prefers, first to show His divine virtuosity and conjuring skills and second because  there are no others. All human lines are crooked, everything is a labyrinth. Saramago’s painter/writer in the Manual of painting and calligraphy. “Politics begins […]

Vertigo Sea: Migration Catastrophes — Critical Legal Thinking

Acclaimed British artist John Akomfrah speaks on his new installation Vertigo Sea and explains the impact of recent migration on his art. “I’m for the blur. I’m about trying to blur these boundaries and borders because I think more resonance comes out of things, narratives conversant with each other, than not.” In Border/Talks: a conversation with…… […]