The First Self-Promotion Post

So a minimal proof that I can produce written material, I have developed one of the blog posts here on the blog into a short piece for the the summer issue (2016) PSA (the is the postcolonial studies association) newsletter.   This newsletter was special themed for Postcolonial cities, it is free to download for members. The article is entitled: “Cairo Tower and King Kong: Utopia, Nostalgia and Cairo’s Picture Archives”.

I Was quite excited to see that Léopold Lambert and prof. Monique Marks are in the same issue. Léopold was our guest speaker in the Warwick Political Geography we organised here in Warwick University, and Monique was one of the keynote lecturers in the KOSMOS International Workshop on Agency, Identity and Fieldwork methodologies I attended this summer in Berlin (yes, more shameless self-promotion here).


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