Garbage city (of course, what else?)

(This is a tentative post until I take my breath)

I have a flight of ideas here about the background. It is the Zabaleen, an area I know, every foreigner knows, and where one of my former american students felt to be the only area in Cairo where she felt she wasn’t an outsider.

It is the neighbourhood where you get  solicited English language academic-as-tourist tour  by a true native local Copt zabal (garbage collector), and are showcased the best of international charity insitutions work.

It is were Europeans get the perfect rush of encountering the abject, but where there also exists some of the most serene  places in the city.

It is a place in short that is very appropriate to conduct an interview on Latour, with a background of recylcing.


Graham Harman and Bruno Latour discussions on waste – conducted by Daniel Fetzner in Cairo (Harman) and Daniel Fetzner & Martin Dornberg in Karlsruhe (Latour). The text of the discussions can be downloaded here. Project website and video here.

via Graham Harman and Bruno Latour discussions on waste — Progressive Geographies