1951 footage of a silent demonstration against the British occupation

Silent demonstration in Alexandria against British occupation of Suez (1951). At a 2:28 however it looks like it might be from Cairo as well. I stumbled on it vis a comment on a Facebook status about the Tahir Mogama’ building, currently being evacuated with plans to turn it into a hotel (unsurprisingly). The comment suggested that what we see at at 2:50 is the Mogama’ as it was being constructed. It might be one of the rare images I have seen of its construction.

Th curios thing about The Magama’ is that there is an a common agreement that it is a building of the 1952 regime, and that it is a brutalist and Soviet in style. It is a common mistake also in some academic books, some of which are surprisingly written by architectural historians (I am not going to name names). All of which are not true, but have taken hold, and it is ironic but all also very indicitative  the the strongest architectural metaphor of the 1952 state didn’t belong to its will or ambition.