Georgii Krutikov’s “City of Aerial Paths of Communication” settled for nothing less than the domestication of the planet. via Georgii Krutikov, The flying city / Георгий Крутиков, «Летающий город» (1928) — The Charnel-House Advertisements

Hiroshima Archive — geographical imaginations

Another impressive interactive web site: I’ve discussed the wonderful collaborative work of the Japan Air Raids project before – and I’ve returned to it as I work up my account of the entanglements between nuclear weapons and drones (‘Little Boys and Blue Skies’: see DOWNLOADS tab and here and here) – and it’s now been […]

Utopian Urban Futures Conference Report — Utopian Cities

By Rebecca Madgin The final conference in our Utopian Urban Futures project was held in Leeds from 27-28 June 2016. The conference was held at the Headingly Arts and Enterprise Centre (HEART) and was well attended by academics from a number of different countries including the UK, America and India. Over the two days, four […] […]

Cairo Tower and King Kong: Utopia, Nostalgia and Cairo’s archives of pictures

Just came came across the Sunduq El-Dunia interactive website, and fell in love with it.  Partly because what I feel as an archive-anxiety about the history and memory of the city; which is developing in a lot of uncomfortable ways into projects of branding, gentrifying and fetishising the city;  at the same time as access […]

So Below: A Comic About Land

“So Below’ is a graphic essay by cartoonist and journalist Sam Wallman. Exploring the idea of land ownership, Wallmam melds the political with the poetic, connecting both historic and contemporary manifestations of territorialism and dominion. Wallman’s idiosyncratic artwork critiques the notions of private property, land as commodity, national borders, exclusion zones, and the everyday resistance […]

The Arab City: Architecture and Representation

  Amale Andraos- dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation-  has published an adaptation of her introduction “The Arab City in Representation” in the newly published 300 pages book “The Arab City: Architecture and Representation” that is  just out this June. The book, introduction and article build on last year’s conference ‘Architecture and Representation: […]