“Sur les Toits”: A Symposium on the Prison Protests in Early 1970s France — AntipodeFoundation.org

An open access to reflections on “Sur les Toits”, a movie screened before the 3rd graduate conference of political geography last May. Introduction: The Making Visible of Carceral Politics Marijn Nieuwenhuis, University of Warwick This symposium contains a rich collection of contributions based on the screening of the French documentary film Sur les Toits (“On […]

Two conferences on Space and the Middle East

It is quite exciting to see space, place, political geography meet Middle East Studies, below are two call for papers. It is also noticeable how the two calls make an objective of linking institutions, people, and theories..I hope the end result would be challenging an area-studies “exceptionalism” and a more nuanced engagement with and challenging […]

(Dis)Assembling State Spaces: A re-cap on the conference

  Reports and links from the Warwick Political Geography 3rd graduate conference are out. Sessions death with themes of corporeality, materiality, cartography, urban visualisation and memory, and coloniality. Those interested can  read the conference report (with some pictures as well), listen to the keynote address by Léopold Lambert ‘The rule of walls: an architectural reading […]