Open source digitized documents on the Gulf and the Arab World from QDL

The Qatar Digital Library (QDL) has an amazing public domain digitized archive of maps, records , audio materials,and images from the British Library and elsewhere concerning the Gulf.   عجائب المخلوقات وغرائب الموجودات، قزويني، زكريا بن محمد [ظ‎‎٦‎٢] (٢٧٠/١٢٤) Anyone can explore their digital archive, or see some featured articles, for instance Louis Allday has […]

Soviet travel brochures from the 1930s

The Charnel-House In 1928, Stalin established a government-run foreign travel agency under the name Intourist (a contracted portmanteau of Иностранный [foreign] турист [tourist]). Though it had by that point already evacuated its international obligation to foment world revolution, Stalin’s regime was still looking to raise interest in the fledgling socialist state. All of the following […]

Happening January 29-Feb 4th

This week I am looking forward to: In Cairo: The book fair is on and till February the 10th, should be taking most of the free time and extra money. The fair is in the exhibition grounds in Nasr city, one of the ambitious plans for Nasr city of Cairo. Two movie screenings: Knocking on Doors, […]

Happening Today (27/1/2016)

In Cairo: The Value of Failure: a talk about failed architecture and Urbanism In Birmingham: Locating the non-Western ‘subject’ in world politics and In London:  Bringing Up the Bodies: A Contrapuntal Method for Global Historical Sociology, Meera Sabaratnam